Honey comb/Мед в сотах

Living honey

Unlike centrifugal (liquid) honey, comb honey does not come into contact with oxygen and thus is not oxidized.
Honeycomb honey keeps intact enzymes and other useful substances, that is, it is a sterile and living product.
It retains the healing vibrations of bees, as it did not have contact with metal: it did not pass through the honey extractor and does not contain a metal string for foundation.
Contains bee products: propolis, zabrus, perga, wax, pollen. Each of them is a valuable product, and together it is just a storehouse of health.
Contains all natural table wax.
No chemicals were used in production

✔Our comb honey has absolute sterility and unique composition.
Being inside honeycomb wax cells in a preserved state,
honey becomes a storehouse of vital trace elements, vitamins and
valuable enzymes. This is truly a living product.

Weight: 10 g

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