Welcome to the online store of natural honey
Natural honey products Tektau , is a delicious delicacy and the healthiest product , due to the high content of vitamins and trace elements . Honey has absorbed the aromas of floral plants, thanks to this, its taste is very rich and pleasant. We treat our bees and honey production with love and care in order to produce not only an affordable, but also a useful product!

During this time , we have managed to gain a lot of experience and high competence . To date, our honey has taken a stable place in the export market and is loved by residents of China and the UAE

Our delivery
Delivery in Taldykorgan
It is carried out within 2 days
The cost of 1000 tenge
Delivery in Almaty
It is carried out within 3 days
The cost of 1000 tenge
Delivery to other regions
In other regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, delivery takes from 4 to 7 days
The cost of delivery is 3000 thousand tenge

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